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100% ūdensnecaurlaidīga soma KRIEGA US-10

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100% waterproof drybag accessory / tailpack

100% ūdensnecaurlaidīga soma KRIEGA US-10

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The Pack
100% waterproof tailpack which also fits to Hydro 3, R15, R20, R25, R30 and R35, increasing capacity by 10 litres.
The US-10 tailpack is designed to fit most race-rep style seat pads (attachment straps included).The pack is easily attached / removed by 4 x quick-release buckles. No extra bungees or covers are needed.
Mesh Pocket
The base of the US-10 tailpack has an anti-slip coated-mesh pocket for storage of D-locks / chains etc.
The standard fit is designed for a sportsbike seat-pad. Remove the 2 x fitting straps from the US-10. Remove the bike's rear seat-pad. Lay the straps into the void of the rear seat. Replace the seat-pad and ensure it is correctly locked down (Thread the top roll-over buckle through the pillion grab-strap if present). Finally, connect all four x quick-release buckles and tighten pack down on to the seat. NB - it is important to use the 2 x strap-tidy components on each compression strap. These components ensure that there is no web-creep once the buckle has been tightened.
The US-10 can fit a tradiional style one-piece seat. We recommend the use of the optional connector-straps (see link below). This option allows the loose strap-ends to connected together over the top of the seat, when not using the tailpack. The US-10 can also be used more effectively on racks by the use of the 4 x loop straps option(see link below). This strap spec. allows the web to be 'tied' to the rack, rather than just run under it.

10-year guarantee

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Artikuls KUSC10
Ražotājs Kriega
Size N/A

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