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Dry Helmet CAPIT (Silver)

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Dry Helmet CAPIT (Silver)

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Capit Dry Helmet has been designed to solve really and effectively one of the most annoying problems for riders: dry the helmet. When you are focused on the driving one motorcycle or one car on track, you sweat at all outdoor temperatures. It so happens that in the cold season, but also when the heat is particularly warm and muggy, the helmet sweat doesn’t dry out, thus creating problems of bad comfort, fogging of the visor or worse, sweat drops into the eyes.

With the function "hot air" (however you can select also "cold air" function) the Dry Helmet is able to dry the inside of the helmet in a few minutes and without leaving annoying scent.

Can be ordered with power 220/230V and 100/110V and plug type European (EU - 220/230 Volt) - English (UK - 230 Volt) - American/Japanese (USA/JPN - 100/110 Volt ) - Australian (AUS - 240 Volt). Colour available: chrome, black and silver.

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Artikuls WEV035
Ražotājs Capit

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